Ambient-Light Videos


Though, on my channel I publish more genres, in this category I will share mostly content for calm sessions of meditation or work.

How music and ambient light helps me?

I do not encourage laziness but I recommend you to have some time for yourself. As for me, I like to run and sometimes I get injured: knee pains… or cartilage inflammation.

To prevent this was recommended to start doing stretching before the running session. Also doing Yoga helps a lot (but I’m no expert here) and if it’s done well it might save you from a 6 weeks pause that is needed to recover.

Sleep is another factor that have influence over our body and mind. I’ve read that you cannot get back the lost hours of sleep (‘Why we sleep’ – Matthew Walker).

To make sure that I have a good sleep, sometimes I choose long-hours videos and play them. I try to choose the ones with less ‘surprising ’ beats and dim lights (maybe warm, red or blue colors). Sometimes, even when I take a nap I play videos with noise from nature (birds singing, ocean or river sounds, forest echos).

Another activity when the music helps me is writing. Even right now I am listening to a song that helps me to focus more.

But let’s get back to those videos 😊.


How to use the videos?

If you have a large screen you can change the mood in your room.  In result you will have purple, blue or red walls. Sometimes the light flickers to generate a similar ambient as candle lights.

They are stored on YouTube and you can find them on your TV app as well. If it’s hard to search for them you can always check your account history if it’s activated.


I want to mention something:

I do not create music. But thanks to many artists I am able to use their songs in what I do. I wrote their names in the video description on my channel. In case you want to find more of their work.