A mark in my history

For me this is an archive of the past. As I was looking through pictures I saw many familiar faces, people I know from my childhood, the school where I studied for 8 years ( middle and high-school ).

I admit I did not read much of the articles. A very few were written by me at that age and I just scrolled past some grammar errors 😆 ( still, they are a part of my past but I hope you won’t notice them – just kidding ). I mostly checked the old activities done in a long period of time (photos were taken before and after communism period in Romania 🇷🇴 ).

In the gallery section below some chapters you will see the influence of communism, the local museum, customs from my neighbouring village, the traditional port, the campfire and folk singers… and I also found a photo of myself but I’m not gonna show it to you for now 😂

Dumitru D. Biography

The articles relate with the biography of Dumitru Dadalau, his family, his line of work. They’re written in Romanian and you can always use google translate 🙂

My teacher’s passion was to create opportunities for promoting lecture. He shared his or my colleagues ideas into the school newspapers.

The volumes are free to download from his website: http://www.murmuruljiltului.hi2.ro/news.php

Book covers
Collage of covers from my teacher’s books and campfire in schoolyard. Photograph’s author is unknown.