a simple guy since ’92, born in Romania (near Tg-Jiu).

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Recently I started video editing which lead to learning 3d modelling.

Now I’m creating kitschy videos and while I am at this point I just add some music to make them more useful.

My Youtube Channel



More passionate about web-design, photography and hiking…

But sometimes I read, run, sketch ideas of my thoughts and relax. I switch between hobbies depending on the season, weather, personal priorities and doing this is keeping me in a positive mood.

I have my own goals but I am not a guy with a bucket list. I enjoy to do anything that involves sightseeing.

I’m no environmental activist but I try to recycle (is not enough of what I should do) and if I see you trying your best to do the same you will win me from the start 😁.


What about now?

Leaving my hobbies aside I am a full-time CSS developer – with almost 6 years experience in web and still room for improvements. This skill was induced from knowing to work in Photoshop for a long time and now I am happy of what I can do.

I wouldn’t get here if I wasn’t in touch with great people and even I did not graduated yet (yes… I wasn’t about to tell you only the goods 😏 ) I am OK with the choices I made.

Also, since 2014 I am an associate in Ways-Group and I design branding materials. This activity helped me to keep Photoshop closer and to gather some work for my portfolio which is another personal project:

My BrandingBeans

In the last few years I have learned that is not enough dreaming and being passionate… is better to start doing something.

So here I am and with every small step I hope to add something good to my skills.

Maybe more photos will come this summer.